EricaShootJuly2016-61My lips will glorify you because your love is better than life. Psalm 63:3


Erica has a passion for the Word of God and the people of God. Her passion is evident in the way she encourages others to go deeper with God in prayer and study of His Word.

Erica has spoken at a number of events including Women’s Conferences, Teen Conferences, Mother-Daughter Retreats and Prayer and Worship Gatherings.

By far, Erica’s favorite events are prayer and worship gatherings. Though these events don’t involve as much speaking, Erica loves to gently guide times of prayer as a chance for participants to powerfully engage with God.


Some common topics she speaks on are:


Like the roots of a tree, the place of prayer is not glorious and not praised, and yet it is the anchor for the whole tree! The place of prayer and intimacy is a place each one of us is called to. When we engage with our heavenly Father in prayer, we’re aligning ourselves with His heart. More specifically, we’re aligning ourselves with our intended orientation that is depicted in the Garden of Eden when God and man walked together.


As a mother of 5 she loves speaking on parenting. Getting an early start in motherhood at the age of 18, Erica has learned to rely on God for wisdom. She has learned that it is not in our “success” that we become the parents God intends us to be but rather in our failings. From there we are continually reminded of what we truly need, God’s restoration and strength.

Teen years-

As a teen Erica struggled to follow Christ. Her high school years were characterized by loving Christ one season and loving the things of the world the next. After a while she began doubting if she was cut-out to be a Christian! How do we run in the race for Christ when we’re constantly giving up and starting over? But she’s learned that following Christ is not for those who feel qualified, it is in fact, just the opposite.


For booking inquiries, please send an email request with the details of the event to speaking@ericarenaud.org.